Visionary Artist Ean K. Pegram works predominantly in the medium of digital art and photography, but his work also includes video production/projection and large scale installations. Ean K. Pegram worked as a graphic designer in North Texas, before transitioning to video and film production and post effects processing.  He has worked with artists of all genres from all over the world specializing in album art, conceptualizing musical ideas, and transposing those ideas to canvas.

 In 2012, Ean K. Pegram began a journey of transforming the skills gained from his years of experience in graphic design and film to create a gallery of visionary artwork. His visionary art style delves deep into the root of human experience and explores the core of harmony and unity amongst all life in the universe.

 Ean uses esoteric history and modern conceptions of Spirit to bring across his imagery of the non-physical worlds.  He has been building a story through his art and is currently preparing for a highly anticipated film release in Summer 2015.

 Ean K. Pegram currently resides and works in Dallas, Texas.
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